Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ready for the Fair

This is my hemstitcher.  She's old, but she still runs fast.  They say that each machine has it's own little personality.   When you sit down to use her, you better strap on your seat belt because she's going to take you for a ride. 

She has 2 piercers and 2 needles.  The first piercer makes an initial hole.  The second piercer opens the hole even more while the needles stitch in the edges of the holes.  Don't get your fingers too close.  She shows no mercy.

I put together more kits to take to the Greenlee County Fair. 

The cows were a big hit.  We sold mostly cow kits and cowboy kits. 

I just love this little bear print.  We have a great selection of outdoor fabric from animals to camping.

I've been stockpiling bibs and burps.  So many cute ones!

I have hundreds of kits to choose from, come by and take a look!

I'm so glad I had a litte helper to box up the kits!

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