Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Handmade Gifts

I love to sew (did I really say that mom?) and I love to hemstitch.  I decided to give my almost 1 year old niece a toddler bib and a snap bib.  I already had these 2 bibs hemstitched and so I sat and crocheted around them last night and this morning.  It probably took about 4 hours for both bibs.  I do not crochet as fast as my mother.  We once had a competition and she crocheted an entire blanket for the time it took me to crochet around a doll burp cloth.  Pathetic!

I tried to get the model to cooperate, but I wasn't expecting the sassy hands on the hips.

The toddler bib covers not only the front, but the shoulders as well.  Great for the head to toe eater!

And the back.

And.....more doll bibs.  I have been saving scraps from my hemstitching projects because I just can't throw them away!  

I think I'm addicted to doll bibs.  I cut out some more last night and whipped them up. I know I sound a little crazy, but they are just so cute!

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